review-icon“Very glad we switched providers! [ARA GPS offers]: Excellent service, they always answers the phone, expert advice and training, great web site! Easy to understand. Easy to use. Easy to make to most of the features. Love the look and feel of the Dashboard. Easy to manage multiple dealer sources.”
Collections & Recovery Manager, Sub-Prime Auto Finance Lender

review-icon“After a bad experience with another provider, we tried them all before we committed to ARA GPS and SVR Tracking. We are impressed by the simplicity of the User Interface and the reliability of the devices. We love the Mobile App! I like to keep my finger on the pulse of my Accounts Receivables and ARA GPS teamed with SVR Tracking has made that possible in a new way.
BHPH Owner / GM


“I don’t know how we slept at night before using GPS Tracking devices. Knowing where every vehicle is located at all times is a blessing. We set-up a Zone Alert around our region and if a renter leaves the area in violation of the Rental Agreement, we know it right away. Knowing right away if a vehicle gets impounded delivers much peace of mind. We can also disable the vehicle if the renter violates our Rental Agreement…Amazing Results! Thanks ARA GPS!”
Rental Car Owner/BHPH Operator


“We were turning down too many decent folks who need reliable transportation, but didn’t quite meet the credit score requirement and other criteria. We wanted to start a Fresh Start Program for members who just needed a helping hand. That’s where GPS Tracking became a useful tool. We are able to lend, at a higher but still competitive rate, to the credit challenged member. We are able to prevent our members from paying too much for too little and help them rebuild their credit along the way. We have found ARA GPS to be a solid and reliable partner. We would highly recommend ARA GPS to any Credit Union looking for ways to generate higher yield loans and help their underserved members along the way. We could not do indirect sub-prime lending without ARA GPS!”
VP of Lending

review-icon“Being a parent is more difficult than ever. Young people are always so busy running around all over and doing their ‘own thing.’ We were very concerned about our teen daughter’s safety but didn’t want to be overprotective. The simple answer is GPS Vehicle Tracking for her car. We know where she is at all times. If she’s late getting home, we can have peace of mind knowing she’s safe. If the car goes “out-of-bounds”, we get a email alert. If she enters a “forbidden zone”, we know about it…We shopped the internet and found ARA GPS to offer the most for the least.
Parents of a teenager