Subprime Vehicle Lending

DID YOU KNOW? 60% of the population has some type of skeleton in their “credit closet” that will prevent prospective borrowers from obtaining traditional bank or credit union vehicle financing and must rely on subprime auto loan lenders capable of making high risk loans.

ARA GPS HAS THE SOLUTION TO THE RISK: ARA GPS provides GPS Tracking solutions that mitigate the risk normally associated with this type of loan.  In conjunction with our service partners, we provide the newest technology and cloud-based web platform available.

Our goal is to help sub-prime lenders create a profitable portfolio of sub-prime loans that perform far above the average by having the ability to locate and/or control remote assets from any internet enabled PC, tablet or smartphone.

Because of the large regional or national marketing areas that sub-prime lenders serve, rapid deployment of devices, training installers and users is a must.  This is where we excel.  We provide device installation or help the originating dealer install the devices for the lender’s use and provide step-by-step service in each step of the process.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we consult with the lender and their submitting dealers to create the best solution for their particular business model.

We are large enough to handle any customer’s needs and small enough to be serious about service and satisfaction.

Call for a consultation, more information or to order,  770-871-0051.