Rental Car Fleets

Rental Car Operators need to know exactly where their vehicles are located at any given moment.  There will always be customers who violate boundaries and who may not return the rented vehicle as agreed.  Having the ability to immediately locate any unit and take appropriate action is a requirement to a successful rental car operation. that’s why you can rely on our rental car GPS tracking devices.

Whether you operate a standalone rental vehicle operation or have a rental car department within a dealership or service facility, the ability to locate vehicles at will is imperative.  The use of a GPS device also ensures employees can’t abuse access to vehicles.

  • All of our GPS systems are provided with unlimited use during the selected airtime plan.
  • Plans have low cost renewals.
  • There are no monthly fees or pay per use fees!

What You Receive with ARA GPS

  • Lowest pricing on the latest technology
  • Easy to use free access to the dashboard from any device anywhere anytime you have an internet connection
  • Help screens and training videos
  • 1, 2 or 3 years of unlimited use that can be renewed annually at a minimal cost.
  • 100 % three (3) year wrranty
  • Choice of cellular network, T-Mobile GSM or Verizon CDMA.
  • Locates every two minutes automatically
  • Four hour heartbeat with addresses and maps
  • Impound lot notification. HUGE BENEFIT FOR LENDERS!
  • Top stops button displays map, address, frequency and cumulative total time at each location
  • All or selected units visible on the same map at the same time. Spot Skips before they’re GONE.
  • Recovery mode shows route traveled on map for quick eecovery. Recovery agent can only see devices assigned for repossession.
  • Multiple users with user history
  • Flawless data backup
  • Use with or without starter interrupt relay
  • Fast and easy install (plug and play or hard wired)
  • Advanced surge protection
  • Deep sleep mode saves vehicle batteries when not moving
  • Total commitment to risk and loss mitigation

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