Buy Here Pay Here

As a Buy Here-Pay Here Dealer do you want to:

  • Reduce risk: It is essential to be able to know the exact location of the collateral vehicle at all times, reducing your risk.
  • Reduce recovery time: A GPS device allows for quick recovery in the event of a customer default and ensures the dealer has a re-sellable vehicle with little reconditioning required in order sell it again.
  • Save money: ARA GPS offers the latest technology at the most competitive price points.
  • Sell more cars: Fast, easy installation that doesn’t drain your IT resources means you have more time to sell more cars.

Competition among dealers has driven wholesale vehicle prices upward and savvy customers have demanded more vehicle for the same or less down payment. This situation forces dealers to invest more money in the account known as “Money on the Street,” relax underwriting requirements, expand their market area and sell a better vehicle in order to be competitive and keep the customer paying.

This is where A.R.A. GPS comes in…

ARA GPS Systems has been providing GPS Tracking devices to BHPH dealers since 2007.  We know the dealers want to sell more cars and save more money. 

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We provide GPS devices that run on both the T-Mobile GSM and Verizon CDMA cellular networks.  Installation is straight forward with only two electrical connections to make.  We thoroughly train the user on the web interface as well as installation best practices.

NOTE:  We are a hardware vendor and provide the Cloud Based Web Services for FREE.  Call us at 770-871-0051 for details on options (Starter Interrupt & OBD II Plug & Play Connectors), as well as airtime plans and device pricing.  We offer airtime plans in increments of 1, 2 & 3 Years of UNLIMITED USE.  All devices come with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY from install date!