Your Perfect GPS Solutions

ARA GPS offers solutions for a variety of industries and needs, all using the latest, most reliable technology. Our solutions give businesses peace of mind, save them money, and reduce their risk. You have more time to run your business and make more money. It’s just that simple.

How can we help you with GPS Tracking Devices for Cars, Fleets and More?

  • I am a Buy Here-Pay Here dealer and I want more time to sell cars, less risk and less loss.
  • I have a fleet of rental cars and am interested in protecting my investment and reducing loss.
  • I am a fleet manager at a company and want the best low-cost GPS tracking to improve efficiency and management of the fleet.
  • I am a subprime lender and want to reduce the time needed to collect, reduce risk and save money.
  • I am with a credit union and am looking for the best technology to support our programs.
  • I am an individual buyer and am looking for a reasonable cost way to ensure the safety of a member or members of my family.