Skip Recovery Services

Locate your skipped vehicleDOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK SKIP OPTION

When a GPS tracking device isn’t working and the Dealer/Finance Company feels the customer has disconnected the GPS tracker, the majority of the GPS provider’s job is done and this is when you need help the most.

Skip Recovery Services, Inc. will locate your skip within 90 days or ARA GPS will refund you DOUBLE what you paid for the GPS tracker.  You do not want double your money back.  You want your vehicle. We have a 99% locate success rate.

For example, one of our finance companies (who purchased our GPS trackers) financed a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee valued at $8000 wholesale value. The customer disconnected the device. That Finance Company gave us the information on the customer.

We found the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. That dealer made $8,000 because of the Skip Recovery Services, Inc.’s skip option and we only charge for our employee’s time, but not over $195.00 and only on a successful locate. That finance company paid $55 locate fee.

If you have 5 of these a year by $8,000 you will save $40,000 in one year purchasing the GPS tracker from ARA GPS.