Features & Benefits

ARA GPS provides more for less. You won’t find a more comprehensive list of features, saving you time and money.

User Interface Features

  • Impound lot notification
  • 4 hour heartbeat with mapping and history
  • Top stops with maps – displays most frequent stops for past 120 days
  • Recovery mode tracking with map & alerts – (continuous – 2 minute tracking, including the last two days)
  • Recovery mode alerts emailed to recovery agent
  •  Current device status – current state of the tracking devices
  •  Starter interrupt toggle – utilizes an optional relay
  •  Multiple zone (geofence) alerts. User configures to suit
  • Faulty power alert
  • Lost power alert
  • Installation alert
  • Low battery alert – User sets the threshold
  • Alert history – What happened and when
  • Multiple search criteria options
  • Groups for multiple locations
  • Groups for separate POS or bulk portfolios
  • Free mobile application – With internet enabled tablet or smart phone
  • Multiple/unique – User logins
  • User history – Who did what
  • Multiple alert recipients with customized alerts
  • Displays Google Maps in road map or satellite image
  • Online tutorial with training videos embedded in user interface

Tracking Devices & Plan Features

  • 1, 2 or 3 year service plans
  • Airtime starts at install
  • Choice of cellular network. T-Mobile GSM or Verizon CDMA
  • Unlimited use during activation plan
  • Unlimited locates (manually requested)
  • 3-year hardware warranty
  • Assembled and hosted in the USA
  • Easy device to transfer to lenders
  • Can be harvested and reinstalled in another vehicle
  • Multiple levels of user security
  • Very low lower consumption
  • Automatic variable voltage 6-34 VDC

Optional Features & Hardware

  • OBD plug & play connector
  • Starter interrupt relay
  • Internal backup battery
  • Dealer management software – Integrated API -for select providers

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What You Need to Know Concerning the Cellular Networks

For GPS Tracking purposes, there is very little technical jargon and data you must understand, but you need to know a few basics.

There are two distinct types of cellular networks.

GSM = Global System for Mobile Communications, used in the US by AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile. The signal is specific to the cellular radio bandwidth, such as 2G, 3G.

  • There has been much discussion about the “2G Sunset” in the next few years. First of all, “G” stands for Generation not Gigahertz as some would have you believe.
  • AT&T has announced they are sunsetting (shutting down) their 2nd generation network by 2017.
  • T-Mobile is committed to 2G for the long haul due to the number of M2M devices depending on this frequency band and is NOT sunsetting their 2G Network anytime soon. 2G devices should work into the foreseeable future as distant as 2022 or 2023. T-Mobile is an excellent choice for users in urban areas where people are.

CDMA = Code Division Multiple Access, which is a fancy way to say “Broadband”. What it really means is that the cellular radios will work on more than one frequency band. CDMA is used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint. The CDMA devices we sell work on the Verizon 2G & 3G signals.

We encourage users to visit www.tmobile.com or www.verizonwireless.com, look at the Coverage Maps and make a decision based on the best cellular coverage in their general area. Keep in mind there is No Perfect Coverage for all locations and all cellular network have dead zones.